What Carpet Cleaning Has to Do with Christmas Decorations

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Did you grill on Labor Day?

If you ran out of charcoal like I did then you may have run to the store to grab more.

Typically, charcoal isn’t hard to find in August, right? After all, it’s still summer.

Not so at this store! You may be as shocked to find out why as I was. (Hint: It has to do with planning ahead.)

I went to the home and garden section where I found it the last time, and the type I wanted (“lump”) wasn’t there.

After pushing my cart around for ten minutes thinking that this was surely some heinous oversight, I gave in and asked for help.

But the clerk couldn’t help me. He took me to exactly where I started, and a puzzled look crossed his face. His next thought was to look outside where the lawn supplies and plants are. No results.

Then it occurred to him. When he shared the news that the store was closing out charcoal already because it needed all the room it could get since it was already preparing for Christmas decorations and promotions, my eyebrows shot up.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Yet, I had to hand it to them for planning ahead. They certainly beat the stress and rush that comes when you wait too late in the season to prepare for the holidays.

This reminds me that now is also a great time to get your carpets, area rugs, and upholstery cleaned. The kids are in school, and there’s really not all that much time before the Holiday Season kicks into high gear.

Think of how good your house will feel and smell! That will inspire you to do more, be more. You might even be inspired to run to your favorite store for great deals on Christmas decorations and gifts earlier than ever before. Talk about being on the ball in preparing for the holidays.

Because you’re so proactive, you’ll have them wrapped, labeled, and stored out of sight before anyone knows what happened. Look at you, super mom.

You might even be able to squeeze in an hour to dig into that new book. We all know you deserve it.

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