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FAQ Payment for Green Clean Process:

Explore our Green Clean FAQ payment questions and procedures for clear insights into how we assist you in navigating the financial aspects of water, fire, or mold damage to your MN home. Find solutions to common queries and understand our supportive approach in guiding you through payment options and processes. Rely on us to ensure transparent communication and efficient resolution, allowing you to restore your home with peace of mind

Our Frequently Asked Questions:

How much am I responsible for?

At Green Clean, we recognize the significance of providing clear information regarding financial responsibilities following a mitigation and reconstruction project. Here are details regarding your financial obligations and the available options.

With full replacement coverage, your sole responsibility is the deductible, payable to Green Clean, unless you choose upgrades or additional work. In such cases, you are accountable for both the deductible and the agreed-upon amount specified in your Change Order. Deductibles, along with any costs not covered by your insurance, are due upon signing the Certificate of Satisfaction upon job completion.

If you require assistance with payment, we offer financing options through our trusted partner, Wisetack. For more information on how Wisetack can help cover any costs not included in your insurance, please contact our main office at 612-789-9600.

Can I pay an invoice with my credit card?

For all Mitigation and Reconstruction invoices settled via card, a 3% ‘convenience fee’ applies. However, you may opt for EFT through checking or savings to bypass these convenience charges.

How will my insurance company pay Green Clean?

After completing emergency services and repairs, we’ll send invoices by mail and email. Each insurance company issues payment differently, but here are the general steps:

● They usually issue separate checks for Emergency Services (Mitigation), Repairs, and Contents, deducting the deductible from the Repair Total.
● Many insurers initially pay Actual Cash Value (ACV), which includes depreciation and deductible. After you sign a Certificate of Satisfaction, we submit it to your adjuster for release of the withheld depreciation funds, along with your deductible, forming the Replacement Cost Value (RCV) of your claim.
● When your home repairs are covered by insurance, there are a few ways payment can happen. Sometimes, the insurance sends a check directly to you, and then you pay us from there. Other times, they pay us, directly. It’s important to know what your insurance does. If you aren’t 100% sure, talk with your agent and advocate for yourself about your preferences and understanding their payment process.
● We recommend using EFT for payments to avoid convenience fees. Alternatively, we can arrange in-person pick-up or you may mail your check. All parties must endorse the check legibly on the back.

I received a check for mitigation, but repairs aren’t complete. What should I do?

Emergency Services (mitigation) and Repairs and rebuilding (Reconstruction) are two separate steps and are invoiced separately. In accordance with our Work Authorization Agreement terms, we expect to receive payment for mitigation within 24 hours of the time that you receive mitigation payment from insurance. We reserve the right to suspend repairs until mitigation funds are received.

How are payment schedules and invoicing handled during the reconstruction?

In the reconstruction process, we typically establish a clear payment schedule, outlining key milestones and associated payments. Invoices will be generated at specific stages, such as the completion of significant phases or milestones. We provide clear invoices to keep you updated on progress and costs. We’re open to discussing and accommodating preferences or concerns about payment schedules for a seamless financial arrangement

Minneapolis’ Green Clean Guides You Through Payment and Process Following a Loss.

Explore our FAQ on payment questions and process guidance: Gain confidence in Minneapolis’ Green Clean’s commitment to assisting you after a loss At Green Clean, we dedicate ourselves to helping you stay prepared and protected.

We sincerely hope that your Minneapolis property will never experience an extreme fire, water, or mold loss. However, if you do, Green Clean is ready to assist you immediately, in getting your life back to normal. Have any FAQ payment questions, please Contact us today to learn more.

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