Fire Sprinkler Damage in Condos: What Minnesota Homeowners Need to Know

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Do you own a condominium with a sprinkler system? Sprinkler systems are a great way to protect both your family and your property. They will prevent serious injury or death, and your property will be protected from more extensive fire damage.

Despite these benefits, many homeowners and property managers have concerns about the potential for water damage from these systems. In this article, we will outline the benefits of sprinkler systems, and share our insights on dealing with the water damage that can result from their discharge. If you own or manage a condo or building with sprinkler systems, here is what you need to know. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sprinkler Systems In Condo Complexes?

Fires are scary, fast-moving, and can occur at any time. They can be especially dangerous in the middle of the night when a residential building’s occupants are asleep. In these situations in particular, sprinkler systems are extremely effective in preventing injuries and even deaths, dropping the risk of a fatality by close to 80%.

Sprinkler systems can also help you avoid serious property damage. They can stop fires extremely quickly, reducing damage by up to 97%. 

What About Water Damage From Sprinkler Systems?

Despite their proven benefits, many property owners have concerns about sprinkler systems. Lots of people have heard stories about major water damage caused by accidental sprinkler system discharges, or about a whole building being soaked when there was only a small fire in one area. This is especially concerning for condo owners – will your home get flooded due to a neighbor’s actions? 

It’s true that fire sprinklers can spray large amounts of water into your condo in order to put out fires, and they can sometimes malfunction and turn on when they’re not supposed to. However, there are numerous safeguards in modern sprinkler systems that help to prevent these issues. 

A fire below your sprinkler system would have to be large and hot enough to activate each sprinkler – only those sprinkler heads individually exposed to this heat should discharge. Sprinkler systems are also individually activated, so a neighboring unit’s sprinkler going off will not cause yours to do the same. 

If the fire sprinklers in your unit or complex are activated, it’s crucial to shut them off as quickly as possible to prevent severe water damage. Make sure that you and all other homeowners in your community understand what to do in these situations. 

What To Do After A Sprinkler Discharge At Your Property 

You had a small kitchen fire, and your sprinkler system activated – what next? Even if the fire at your property was not large, the damage from just one sprinkler head discharging can be significant. One sprinkler head can release from 15 to 40 gallons of water per minute. However, this is still much less water than the fire department would bring into your home. The overall water damage from a sprinkler system is much less severe than the damage from an uncontrolled fire. 

If you have had sprinklers go off in your home, it’s important to start the clean up process right away. Getting help from a professional team is recommended. The water in sprinkler systems is dirty, typically containing oils, chemicals, and other contaminants from the pipes. Water damage overall is tricky. It can cause problems that you can see, like stained furniture, and damage that you can’t see, like mold growth on your subflooring. 

Call a Pro

Water damage restoration professionals know how to deal with both superficial and deep water damage. With quick help, many items can often be cleaned and restored and won’t need replacement. Taking fast action can also prevent problems like mold and mildew before they start. Professional help will ensure that your home is completely clean, dry, and safe to return to. 

Sprinkler systems in your condominium complex help keep everyone safe from dangerous, damaging fires. They are a valuable amenity that homeowners should be thankful for. However, when your sprinkler system does go off, there is often a mess left behind.  At Green Clean, we are experts at both water and fire damage restoration, so we can help you with all aspects of the clean-up. 

We are happy to help both condo owners and property managers get things back to normal after fires and sprinkler system discharges – contact us today to learn how we can help you. 

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