Did Your Water Leak Service Provider Do the Job Right?

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One of our recent jobs was for a homeowner who believed a water leak service provider had fixed a leaky basement shower stall issue.

The expectation was that this water leak service provider would address and handle the entire problem.

They couldn’t figure out why their home still smelled musty.

When we arrived, we discovered that the work was not thoroughly completed.

Although the leak was repaired, the water leak service provider didn’t go the extra mile.

Since the shower stall had been leaking for a while, it had also damaged the bathroom’s vinyl flooring.

Water had also seeped into the carpeting of the bedroom next to the bathroom and turned into mold. The padding and carpeting needed to be replaced, along with some of the drywall.

We were able to help by providing information to their insurance agent to recover the fee paid to the other water leak service provider.

Our professionally certified water damage restoration team provided a total solution including mold remediation work and replacement of both the bathroom flooring and bedroom pad and carpeting. We also replaced wet, moldy drywall and rotted wood.

If you find a leak in your basement bathroom, be sure to check flooring and adjoining rooms for additional damage. It’s vital to be alert to the importance of maintaining high indoor air quality of your home to protect your family’s health.

While you may have to press down into carpeting to detect dampness, it’s not always that easy to detect water damage to drywall immediately unless you have a moisture meter. If you’re handy around the house and are able to do associated repairs, it’s worth having one of these on hand.

If you detect mildew odors, please call us. We help our clients breathe easy by answering questions that can alleviate some or all of their worries. If they hire us once, our attention to detail and thorough process is what brings them back the next time they have a need.

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