Four Fire Safety Tips for the Fourth

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It’s that time of year again, when it seems like every quiet night is filled with thunderous fireworks and BBQs are plentiful, which means fire safety should be at the front of everyone’s mind.

A fire can spread quickly, causing loss, injury, and destruction, and they are unfortunately common during holidays. The Fourth of July is no different.

Though we’re in the fire and smoke emergency services industry, we don’t ever want to show up at your doorstep after such a loss. That’s why we decided to put together a quick guide. Keep these in mind as you continue to celebrate.

1.    Use Extreme Caution When Lighting Fireworks

Yes, they’re fun to light off and watch their display across the backdrop of the night sky, but they are as dangerous as they are pretty.

So, the next time you stop by a firework stand, stick to the smaller stuff. Even small fireworks like sparklers and fountains can be a threat, though, which is why you should always light them outside, at least away from any structures, and stand a minimum of 20 feet away from it when you watch.

After you’re done lighting the fireworks, let them cool off overnight. Fireworks burn at over 2000 degrees, and can cause serious burns if you touch them too soon. Furthermore, some firework parts may still have the potential to explode even after you’ve lit them.

2.    Always Keep an Eye on Food That’s Cooking

There are a few reasons why you should always keep an eye on any food that’s cooking. For one, you don’t want to overcook your food. There’s nothing worse than charcoal hot dogs. Second, you don’t want it to accidentally start a fire.

Whether you’re cooking your food inside on the stove or outside on the grill, you should always pay attention to it and check for any signs of a fire. If there is a small fire, you should immediately shut off the heat source and deprive the fire of oxygen by covering it with a lid. However, if it’s a large fire, you should immediately call 911.

Once the fire is put out, make sure to document any damage right away and start calling your emergency contacts (see #4).

3.    Take Care When Enjoying a Bonfire

Summer nights are for spending time around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows. Not for emergency room visits and insurance claims.

Before lighting a bonfire, make sure it’s at least 10 feet from any building. If you’re lighting a large fire, make sure it’s at least 50 feet away. Also make sure there isn’t any wind or dead, dry grass nearby, as that can spread a fire fast.

Avoid using accelerants like lighter fluid or gasoline. Though they can start the fire faster, too much can cause a small explosion. Also, when dumping any flammable fluids directly onto a fire, there’s a risk for the flame to travel up into the container and explode, causing serious bodily harm.

Once the fire is lit, make sure any children or pets do not get within three feet of a fire to avoid any injuries.

4.    Have Emergency Contacts Handy

Lastly, accidents happen, and when they do it’s important to be prepared, which is why it’s important to always have emergency contacts ready.

If there is a fire, you should immediately call 911. Then, make sure to document the damage and call your insurance agent and a reliable local restoration team to start the repair process.

Green Clean Restoration and Carpet Care is there for you 24/7, and we are the right team, right away that can help you get back to normal faster.

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