The Surprising Connection between Breast Milk and Breast Cancer

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Do you have a guilty pleasure or an aspect of your health have been meaning to improve?

The last we heard was that we’re all human. Most all of us don’t do one or more of these things well, at least occasionally, that may cause breast cancer, even if we aren’t female.

None of us deserves exposure to things that we have not willfully chosen to do to ourselves, though, especially our children and infants.

Have you ever heard of anyone deliberately exposing themselves to toxic chemicals? Me either. It has become impossible to avoid, though.

No one sets out to “catch” breast cancer nor do they intentionally put their children at risk of future health problems. The trouble is, they may not understand the issues or the compounding effect of not addressing them at the earliest possible time, which is now.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the NBCF (National Breast Cancer Foundation) strives to raise awareness of the disease. Green Clean Carpet Care and Restoration aims to raise awareness of the unseen toxic chemical threats that confront us daily.

The breast milk of an increasing number of nursing moms is beginning to show the results of what they eat and breathe. Toxins such as Teflon and flame retardants are turning up in breast milk samples.

Because this relatively new threat is not visible, it’s easy to overlook it as we go about our daily lives. When we saw this article about rising levels of toxic chemicals in Minnesota’s own Zumbro River, we knew we had to speak up. This is really happening.

Toxic chemicals are having an impact on even our youngest citizens’ daily lives. Our best defense is to start pushing back by keeping chemicals out of our homes.

One way to restore a healthy home environment is to clean green. There are many books out on how to create home cleaning products from natural ingredients.

“That women are faced with doubts about their breast milk is an outrage that must be corrected by stopping the exposures at their source, not by stopping breastfeeding,” per the Natural Resources Defense Council.

We couldn’t agree more and add that it is a further outrage that the chemicals that show up in breast milk tend to attach themselves to fatty tissue and stir up trouble later on.

If you’re wondering how you can take action, a call or letter to your House Representative and Senators asking them exactly what they’re doing to be part of the solution would be a terrific start. You can count on us to be back soon with more thoughts and ideas.

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