Why Time Is of the Essence in Restoring Your Home or Business after a Fire

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There are few things more devastating than a home or business fire. We’ve seen first-hand the damage and devastation fire and smoke can cause in the lives of those who have experienced the trauma. You want help through the process of restoring your life and your possessions back to the way they were before the fire occurred, but since emotions are high you may not know where to turn.

In the unfortunate event that you experience a fire in your home, call a reputable restoration company immediately. You must begin the process of cleaning and protecting furniture and possessions that can be salvaged as soon as possible.

  • Smoke residues are acidic in nature and with time can cause permanent corrosion and staining. There are several different types of smoke residues present after a fire, including:
  1. High heat can also pressurize smoke which allows it to permeate cracks and crevices and deposit odor-causing residues in all types of building materials, electronics, and other belongings.
  2. Wet Smoke Residues – result from low-heat, smoldering fires. Wet smoke residues are often sticky, smear easily, and have pungent odors.
  3. Dry Smoke Residues – Often associated with fast burning, high-temperature fires. Dry smoke residues are typically dry, powder-like particles.
  • Protein Residues – These types of residues have an extremely pungent odor, are virtually invisible, and often responsible for the discoloration of paints and varnishes.
  • Fire extinguishing chemicals, fingerprint powder, tear gas and other chemicals can also leave residues that must be cleaned up in order to restore a healthy, clean environment.

Once the fire department has indicated that you can safely return to your home, there are several things you can do prior to a fire and smoke restoration company’s arrival that will increase the likelihood of salvaging your belongings.

Remember that your health and safety are more important than any possessions. Please do not take unnecessary risks and always adhere to the recommendations of the fire department or other responding authorities.

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